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Small and Mid-Size Companies often hit turbulent water and suddenly it's just not fun anymore.   The fun times of growth and profitability have given way to slow delivery, lost customers, cash flow issues, and a host of other daily fires that need attending. 

Added to the mix, employee's don't believe they are getting enough training and direction from their manager.  We find often that manager training is all that is really needed to facilitate teamwork and a cohesive work environment.  

The solution is to unleash your manager's full potential.  The initial step is learning their own management style.  Understanding that management is a One to One Relationship with their team.  

  • managing time
  • making decisions
  • approaching problems
  • learning to recognize other team members needs and styles  
  • directing and delegating
  • motivation of others
  • action plans for working with your team
  • getting out of the teams way to make decisions

Owners and Executive  Management in Small and Mid-Size Companies often suffer from lack of training.  Time constraints often keep Leadership from unlocking their full potential.

A company is only as strong as its executive leadership. We can provide all of the management tools above, along with enhanced detail and feedback for owners and the executive team.  The biggest difference is Leadership is a One to Many Relationship within the organization.  

The organization needs leadership to provide:

  • Vision
  • Alignment around that Vision
  • Execution of the Vision

Leadership will find out drivers for each of the key areas above.  How to approach the drivers.  You'll find out tenancies that you will need to improve upon in order to have better key area successes.   

For the Owner, you'll find out what comes naturally to your team in the three areas of Vision, Alignment and Execution.  A major ingredient moving forward with sustainable growth and success. 

Isn't it time to start having fun again!


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